Saturday, 7 March 2015

What I learned from 11 year olds - and their teachers

Having spent the last 5 days with 63 pupils who are in their final year in Primary School (11year olds), here are some of the things I've learned:

- they are resourceful individuals

- they can survive being "off the grid" for 5 days.

- life is complicated for 11 year olds.

- snow is simply irresistible. It calls out to be picked up. It is not possible to walk from A to B in snow without picking some up and moulding it into a missile!

- walking is very difficult. Why walk when you can run?

- their logic defies adult reasoning. That is a failing of the adult, not the child!

- they can be kind, considerate, encouraging, selfless - and fun, fun, fun.

- they are challenging,in good ways and in all sorts of other ways.

- their staff have nerves of steel, hearts of gold, the wisdom of the ages and infinite patience, all tempered with an amazing sense of humour.

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