Tuesday, 19 March 2019

We are one

Whiling away time
with coffee in hand
People watching 
as I wait for the car to be serviced
People pass the window of the coffee shop
where I sit
many are happed up against the cold
focussed on their daily business
heads down intent on progress
some with company
others alone.
While I pray.
And I remember conversations I’ve had recently
about praying in our neighbourhoods.
Whether the neighbours know or not
I pray 
And I am changed
As I continue watching
and praying
I no longer see
folk who look happy
or sad
folk who look friendly 
or defensive
those who are weighed down
or have a spring in their step
those who look like unmarried mothers
or those who look like they struggle with addictions
or with mental health issues
or those who look like life is hard
or those who look like they are employed - or not.
I see children of God
each with a unique role to play
in this common life.
I see individuals created and loved by God
And I ask God to bless them
and to bless me
as we share this life together

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