Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Seasonal weariness

Did they weary, those wise men?
Did their steps become slower,
their momentum more forced?
Did the novelty and the wonder
and the excitement
begin to wear thin?
Their journey was long
and drawn out.
It wasn't exuberant and spontaneous
like the shepherds.
Or full of glory
like the angels' song.
Perhaps that is one of the drawbacks
of a period of preparation -
the anticipation mellows,
worn down by the passage of time.
The destination ceases to attract,
lost as it is in the ordinary.
A quest for all of us 
journeying through Advent:
to recover something of the vitality
of the beginning
so that this far on in our travels
we can be refreshed
and rekindled
by a glimpse of the goal.
And our weary steps
take on a sprinkling
that will provide the surge we need
to see it through.
Liz Crumlish December 2011

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