Saturday, 24 December 2011

Because its Christmas...

The waiting is almost over
the tree is trimmed
the parcels wrapped
Food preparations are underway.
For some, this Christmas Eve
brings a rush of activity
to get all the last minute tasks done.
For others, this Christmas Eve
brings a calm approach
as they quietly prepare
to welcome the Christ child again.
And for still others,
this Christmas Eve
brings a desperate struggle
just to survive another day.
Because it's Christmas...
means little to the homeless young woman
sheltering under the railway bridge
trying to keep her Christmas box wrappings dry
so that she can sleep under them another night.
Because it's Christmas...
has no impact
on the heroin addict
wandering the High Street
checking out "opportunities"
for his next fix.
Because it's Christmas...
brings no comfort to the young parent
trying to do the best for their children
while sick with worry
about their partner
off fighting in Afghanistan.
Because it's Christmas...
will not change a thing
unless we allow the baby God
to leave the swaddling behind
Unless we embody Christ 
in our lives
and work to bring peace and hope and light
into all the darkness of today's world,
Because it's Christmas... 
will not change a thing
unless we allow the God of Christmas
to be born in our hearts and lives
this day and every day
Because it's Christmas.
Liz Crumlish December 2011

1 comment:

Dot said...

Liz, in this the pinnacle of your advent postings, like The wine at the wedding, you have kept the best until last! What a deeply powerful post.........and wonderful Christmas message. thank you for this and all your other posts which help me keep the faith I have and keep alive the hope in my heart. Bless you and yours always. Dotx

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