Sunday, 11 December 2011

Advent wishes

This meditation is based on the four weeks of Advent 

Christmas wishes ….

My wish for you this Christmas is hope
the hope that things can be different
that the odds can be reversed
that justice can prevail
that we can see God turning cartwheels right in front of our eyes?
Because God is continually trying to attract our attention
so that even in the darkness of life
we can see flickers of hope

My wish for you this Christmas is peace
not that wee moment of darkness when all is quiet and you can take a breath
but peace that is deep and lasting
that seeps in to everything you do
changing your perception
calming your fear
letting you relax as you have never done before
My wish for you this Christmas is love
the love that came in the form of a baby
born in poverty and seen as a threat
to political stability
that kind of love
not sentimental or slushy
but grounded in the reality of a harsh and brutal life
fighting for survival
succeeding against the odds
making all the difference
Love that perseveres because love is of God

My wish for you this Christmas is joy
joy that ripples right to your toes
not the easy smile you wear
or forced jollity you perform
but a joy that bubbles up from the depths
lifting your spirit
sending you soaring
leaving you reeling and breathless
the joy of the baby God

And with these gifts
of hope and peace and love and joy
God fills us to the brim
so that we can overflow
in to the world around us
being Christ to each other
Seeing Christ in each other
And serving even the least of these.
Liz Crumlish December 2011

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