Friday, 8 February 2008

Snowdrops in the desert

I'm off this weekend and really looking forward to it. Because yet again, it seems, everyone wants a piece of me and there's not enough to go around. So I'll escape for a couple of days and try to recharge.

During Lent, snowdrops, which abound in this part of the world, always speak to me of tenacity and of hope. I'm hoping to hang on in there like those precious buds, signalling fragility and victory. Lent has begun ferociously. Hopefully that will be tamed as it progresses so that there will be time to find direction in the wilderness and gain strength for the journey and thus emerge, like the snowdrop, trumpeting the good news of life against all the odds.


Frederick Buechner's Lovechild said...

A piece of you?

G'wan yersel, Britney!!

Have you read "Silence and Honey Cakes" by Rowan Williams? Couldn't think of a better read for you just now given some of what you've hinted at in previous posts.



liz said...

fbl, Perhaps I need to stop strutting my stuff around the parish! Thanks for the book recommendation. I'll check that out.

Cherie said...

Gorgeous photo, Liz!

I know how feel, what with the everyone wanting a piece of you. Some days!!

Hope you find refreshment.

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