Sunday, 22 April 2007

Retreat or escape?

I'm going on retreat this week. Or - as one of my colleagues put it - I'm running away. In fact, that may well be an accurate description of my need to seek refuge from the relentless business of the parish. But retreats aren't passive ventures. They should be challenges that encourage us to return to our posts with new insight and a new enthusiasm. That's what I am hoping for this week. I want, once again, to gain perspective, to be nurtured and encouraged and to practice more discernment. Then, hopefully I can gather some enthusiasm and muster some courage to get on with the journey. So its not about time out. Its time very much in. So, if I don't blog much this week, you'll know that I'm too busy running away.


Mike Peatman said...

I think they should be called advances, rather than retreats. Hope you have a good and refreshing time.

Cherie said...

I agree with Mike: Advances.

Have a wonderful time of renewal, refreshment, listening, and challenge.

I'll miss you, but will smile when I think of you on your trip!

Ronnie said...

I think they should be called ESCAPES and nothing wrong in escaping, chum, as long as you come back recharged. Iona did it for me.


There's nothing wrong with running away from time to time. :-) A tactical retreat is usually better than a defeat. Seriously, though, a real retreat is not about escaping at all, it is about rediscovering and refocusing so I agree with those who call them 'advances'. Have a great one!

liz said...

Guys, thanks for all your good wishes. Blogger land is a sort of community too. Retreat was a fantastic escape and also a great encounter. I look forward to boring you with some of the details as I get time and space to process.

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