Tuesday, 17 April 2007

More than meets the eye.

This is Sam the sheep - the wooly one. He is one of last year's lambs. He wasn't expected to make it and was hand reared with love. Now he charges around playing football with the son of the folks who raised him! I don't think he really knows he's a sheep.
For a good few years, Easter always found us on the Isle of Tiree and we often got to feed the lambs who needed that little extra care. One year, there was a lamb, we called her Samantha, who used to come walking with us when we took the dogs out. Isn't there a story about geese who were raised with the chickens and spent their days pecking around the yard instead of soaring in the sky?
The world is truly our oyster. We just need some encouragement and some good examples to follow along with a lot of love. Then we can choose to be anything we want to be. And, even better, the folk around us will go on loving us whatever.


Ronnie said...

Couldn't have put it better, myself! Do you fancy a job as a youth worker??????



liz said...

Bless you Ronnie!.No I don't fancy being a youth worker. You'd be great at it though!

Cherie said...

Sweet story. Adorable photo. Thanks, Liz!

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