Saturday, 7 April 2007

It was for you

Yesterday, we decided to take communion onto the streets of our village. We wanted to remind folk that it was Good Friday. And to confront folk quietly with the message that Christ died for them. The various reactions were fascinating. To many folk, we were completely invisible, gazes were averted as they passed by. Others were curious to know what we were up to but didn't want to engage. A few people took Jesus at his word and shared communion.
We set up table outside a fast food store - a juxtaposition I found ironic for the sharing of the food of life. There was something really liberating about taking the sacrament outside the walls of the church sanctuary. And certainly some of the participants in communion yesterday are folk who are unlikely to find themselves inside a church building being offered the sacrament instituted by Christ's death. Now I'm looking for more ways to take Christ onto the streets where he belongs, where we belong.



What a cool idea. Have you seen the video clip from "The Work of the People" about communion?
I feel I have to say, though, that you don't really need to "take Christ onto the streets where he belongs" because he is, of course, already there. :-)
But you're right- WE should be there too.

liz said...

It was the work of the people clip that inspired me.
And yes, Christ is on the streets but people need, occasionally, to be confronted by that or reminded of it.

Cherie said...

Excellent, Liz. Just excellent.

Kathryn said...

Oh what a lovely LOVELY thing to do...Beats our rather confused "walk of witness" hands down.
I've arrived, of course, thanks to your kind nomination - a lovely surprise on a sunny Sunday when I'm semi back at work...
Appropriate response brewing, but thank you so much :-)

liz said...

kathryn, welcome! A whole new world, as they say.

Mike Peatman said...

Fascinating, Liz. In my Church background (Anglican) we don't usually celebrate communion on Good Friday (although there is provision for it). I'm really interested in the response you received.

Alex. said...

Great Idea.The streets are where all the people are.Especially the young.Also brings to those what they have been wishing or thinking of doing for years.

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