Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Flying kites

Our American guests arrived safely - in spite of homeland security raising the security status to orange right before they boarded their flight in Chicago. Its good to have friends to belly laugh with. We've done a lot of that already. They also brought with them a couple of stunning kites. Now we're busy planning a trip to the beach for a couple of days to fly the kites. Its wonderful to have time and space and good friends to hang out with. We all need light and laughter - and plenty of colour in our lives. We have that in abundance this week and, hopefully we'll all be resurrected in lots of different ways and recharged by our time together.


Cherie said...

How wonderful that you had a good visit with friends!! It does not get much better than that.

Cherie said...

Liz, next time you go to my blog you'll see your name there in a list. I was 'tagged' and now I've 'tagged' you. You've been awarded the Thinking Blogger's Award. You deserve it.

Hope that is all right?

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