Friday, 11 September 2020

A prayer for grace

God give me grace

Grace in bucket loads

Grace to deal with rules and regulations

that make no sense

Grace to deal with the closing in

that comes from an institution in crisis

Grace to recognise my own stress reactions

that exacerbate already difficult times

Grace to stop and breathe

so that, in the midst of conflict

I may exhale peace

And, in the heat of irritation

I may exude calm

God, shower me with grace

Grace that dissipates resentment

Grace that soothes hurt

Grace that brings courage

to speak truth calmly, with love

Grace that always looks for good intentions

rather than seeing annoying bureaucracy

Grace that chooses gentle humour

rather than aggressive confrontation 

Grace that finds a way

and doesn’t fall at the first hurdle

Grace that hunkers down

and calls forth love

Grace that confounds every effort

to diminish the spark of God

in one whom God declares beloved.

Grace - enough - and more


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