Friday 28 October 2016

CEB Women's Bible - Review

Recently the publishers of the CEB Women's Bible approached RevGalBlogPals, suggesting that some of the women involved in this supportive community for women in ministry might review this new publication. 
I was delighted that they were prepared to ship a copy to Scotland so that I, too, could see what all the fuss was about.
Since it arrived, a couple of weeks ago, I have been drawn to this Bible time and again - checking out my favourite verses, looking for my favourite Biblical women and, generally, being both distracted and drawn in by the wealth of information and insight contained in this version of the text. Although the translation was prepared by both women and men, the reflections, portraits and articles that are scattered throughout the text were written by 80 women.
There are many women in the Bibile of whose stories we know so little. Some are named, others are referred to by insults - and others remain unnamed. How important it is to be named and, in the naming, to be recognised.
The CEB Women's Bible seeks to highlight those women who made all sorts of contributions to the story of God's people but who are rarely acknowledged for the difference they made. That feels just and appropriate.
Passages are interspersed with reflections on the text and with profiles of the women included in the stories as well as articles and portraits.
This is a great addition to the plethora of bibles I have - I like different versions for different tasks. This Women's Bible, as well as attempting to bridge those gaps of silence that surround the women in the text is excellent at drawing one in and stirring the urge to read on and find out more...and that has to be a good thing!
I am grateful for the endeavour and the vision behind this translation and thankful that I have been enabled to review it early in its publication.
I look forward to continuing to journey with this version of the word and to honouring those women whose names were not repeated, whose stories were overlooked and, without whom, the story of God's people through the ages would be sorely diminished.

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