Thursday, 6 September 2012

No horizons

Looking ahead to this Sunday's gospel in which Jesus, seemingly grudgingly, heals the daughter of a foreign woman who is persistent in her demands.
Set against the back drop of the Paralympics drawing to a close in London right now, there is a sense of barriers not just being dismantled but smashed. Of new, unparalleled horizons hoving into view. Of dreams emerging from the mist and being born with determined clarity.
In the gospel story in Mark 7, it seems as if the gospel is given its imperative - to share the grace of God universally, irrespective of race, gender, or any other defining and limiting characteristics.
The power of the love of God knows no limits and respects no boundaries. It is contained only by our flawed perceptions.
We are called to re-imagine a world beyond our meagre expectations, a world in which the love and grace of God collide to enable men and women to live in their abundant giftedness. Freed to soar.

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