Monday, 13 August 2012

Things I have learned at NYA

Here are just some of the things I have learned this weekend at Church of Scotland National Youth Assembly

  • I don't have the stamina I had 20 years ago
  • I can't party all night and function productively the next day
  • Many young people have impeccable manners
  • Sometimes I have wisdom to offer - BUT
  • More often, there is SO much to learn and so many teachers around.
  • While, for me, young people are simply an integral part of the church, they still need their own forum - just like, for example, the Guild.
  • and finally, but most painfully - I am no longer a young person :(


Beth said...

Young at heart? Consider the trade-offs? Drat - none of that works, does it - just have to mourn the ticking of the clock, eh? Sounds like a wonderful, enriching time. Thanks for sharing the lessons. Hugs, Beth

Alec said...

Stamina is reduced so God can make room for Grace. We never really did function productively. We just didn't have nearly as much to do. Many young people have impeccable manners, and even more have good hearts. The wisdom you have to offer is that there is so much to learn. And finally and most painfully you are no longer a young person. So what years of your life do you want to erase? I'm older and I'm keeping all of mine, especially the rubbish ones.

liz said...

Alec, as ever, your words are wise if crushing!

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