Saturday, 18 August 2012

Glass Ceiling

Following on from my last post... I discovered this reflection I wrote back in January 2010. Not sure why I didn't post it at the time...

The glass ceiling

They say it’s no longer an issue
But that’s just the men
We women know the truth
that they refuse to acknowledge-
That they are the esteemed,
the honoured members of the exclusive club
the ones who make decisions
who hold our future in their hands
In a church that claims to value
the gifts of all God’s people
those who are in reality acceptable
have to have the correct anatomy
and those of us missing that significant little feature
can run around in circles
loving, caring, making a difference
but not to the institution.
We can get close to the people
live out the incarnation
but be rejected and despised
by colleagues whose positions we threaten
Our warmth and sensitivity,
 our caring and compassion
are looked on with suspicion at best,
contempt at worst..
They bury their heads in the sand
and deny the truth
gush about being open and affirming
while firmly closing ranks.
We are not interested in competing,
but a leveling of the field would be good.
or at least the honesty to own
that the ceiling has not disappeared
not even been lowered
but is still firmly in place and being reinforced daily.
Liz Crumlish January 2010


Muthah+ said...

Truth telling is always tough but so refreshing. Keep it up. The younger ones will never know what you did, but YOU will know.

Nik said...

My mind boggles with disbelief that this can still possibly be an issue.
My heart continues to hope for change.
My soul still cries out: 'how long, o Lord?'
My body stays firmly put: after all, it is God who draws the circle - all others who try to draw circles of 'in' and 'out' are merely having delusions of grandeur :)

liz said...

Muthah, thanks for your wisdom, as always.
Nik, it was a painful reminder for me and a jolt out of complacency.

Martha Spong said...

It seems ridiculous that we should still be hoping it will be different for the next generation. Why not right now?

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