Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Creating the image

I have no idea why Chilli the owl looks bigger than Sarah in this picture. A spectacled owl, he's not huge. Owl Magic only brought their smaller birds for the children to handle at our Holiday Club. But the perspective got me thinking about the images we create and the impressions we leave as we journey through life. Often we are unaware (perhaps blissfully) of the effect we have on others. It may be that we have more influence than we could have ever imagined. Or leave a lasting imprint. That can be both salutary and humbling. A testament to the hope and trust that God places in us. Even we can make a difference as we blunder on. By the grace of God may that be a force for good, building up and affirming all God's people for all bear the image of God. The power of love helps us get that in perspective.

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