Saturday, 24 March 2012

The whole story

We have a beautiful wooded area just across from the church.
Today, the woods were filled with children's voices as they searched for Easter bunnies enjoying the warmth of the Spring day before returning to the church hall for brunch and crafts.
It was a delightful interlude in this long season of Lent.
But now it is time to get back to it - producing orders of service and liturgies in preparation for Passion.
As the noise of the children faded today though, I wondered: Are they now relegated until Easter? We shield them from the "nastiness" of the plot against Jesus and the depths of inhumanity displayed in Jesus' execution but happily share with them the joy of resurrection. Perhaps a child's perception and comprehension is more profound than many adults. Shielding them from reality does not tell the whole gospel of redemption in life, death and resurrection.

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