Friday, 30 March 2012

Sharing the love

This has been a great week of school chaplaincy that has afforded access to all kinds of end of term activities, from coffee and hot cross buns to end of term services in primary and secondary schools.
Although the secondary pupils mostly stand mute in their services while members of the orchestra play their hearts out, they still bring a buzz to the church building, enhanced by this week's sunshine when a walk from school building to church is a welcome distraction.
In one of the primary school services, we bade farewell to a member of staff who has brought a lot of music into the life of the school and who is now moving on. She said that all the tributes and good wishes made her feel really loved. Hopefully, she experienced that love in her work and not just now as she takes her leave.
It is so important that we express appreciation for each other every day, that we let those around us know about the difference they make to our lives, especially when their influence is for the good. It is good to share the love.

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