Saturday, 31 March 2012

The Marathon

I LOVE Holy Week. I even relish the long slog through Lent - much more than the craziness of Advent when we prepare for the Incarnation. Lent, Holy Week and Easter move me in a way that Christmas just doesn't.
MAybe that's because Advent and Christmas are done at breakneck speed. With Lent, Holy Week and Easter, there is a more leisurely lead in, time for reflection, time to savour each event and remembrance. Time to live the Incarnation. From the crib to the cross - and on to resurrection.
SO I look forward to the week beginning tomorrow with Palm Sunday, to celebrating a parade before we then tiptoe through the rest of the week, spectators, bystanders, witnesses to Christ's passion, participants in his death, beneficiaries of the resurrection. A marathon for preachers, one measured in blood, tears and agony but that promises a wonderful trophy at the end.
And so it begins...

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