Wednesday, 18 January 2012

In the gloaming...

The cows stand in the gloaming
unconcerned about the scudding clouds
enjoying the moment
as the sky turns purple
and the noise of the day recedes.
That liminal time
as afternoon bleeds into evening
a time to draw breath,
to pause and reflect - 
a threshold of  opportunity
to be seized or lost forever.
Silhouetted for a moment
before darkness descends
and shapes become indistinguishable
blending back in
to the pastoral landscape
becoming unremarkable once more.
To grasp that moment of definition
is to be struck with the timing of God
in tune with the creator
who, in every moment,
provides beauty
continually painting new landscapes
enjoying the task so much
that it matters not
whether anyone notices
Such fulfillment is internal
and not dependent
on others' approval - 
and that is real freedom.


Beth said...

beauty upon beauty - thank you

Douglas said...

Thank you so much for that Liz.

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