Monday, 7 November 2011

Working with the stars

Another great day of creativity with some of the Spill the Beans team, creating resources for Lent and Easter. It is energising when there are so many sparks flying - in a good way - and, although there is so much more work to be done, getting together serves to remind us of what we are about and how much fun it is to share. I hope those using the resources have as much fun as we have had putting them together. It makes all the midnight oil burning so worthwhile.


Nik said...

yay - a fabby resource - well done the StB crew. Look forward to seeing the next exciting installment :)
I almost feel compelled to write a letter into 'Death n the Dole' going - look, look! this is fab!
Might be a cool thing to put into Minister's Forum at some point - a nice change of topic from 'Voldemort' at least?!

liz said...

Death n the Dole - Love it!
Hoping we can get a wee Lectionary discussion functioning ala revgals - but with the Scottish quirks - we'll see if it takes off.

Nik said...

I'd certainly be up for that, mate, it's a useful discipline.
Lemme know if I can do anything of a vaguely helpful/ useful nature!

Beth said...

Loving Spill the Beans still! And using it in LOGOS with the teens has been a great success - introducing them to the Exodus narrative in ways they will always remember - thanks to the whole crew!

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