Thursday, 17 November 2011

Wo-man up!

Over the years I have experienced so much misappropriation of power in the church that I have come to associate power with abuse. This means that I shy away from leadership, having developed many negative connotations surrounding being in a position of leadership. Of course this is really challenging given what I do - lead a congregation. To date I have managed pretty well in my various appointments modeling a very collaborative style of ministry. And, while I would always assert that ministry is collaborative and that, as the whole people of God, we all share the responsibility, with God, for mission, there comes a time when people need clear leadership, leadership that maps out the path ahead and which offers protection from those who would jeopardise the journey.
The discomfort I might have felt in offering such leadership has however been offset by a very extensive and often intensive time of preparation, some conscious, some unconscious.  I know I shouldn't really be surprised that this is the case, that the gifts I now need to embrace are to hand, having been carefully honed.
Stepping up and stepping out is not nearly so daunting when we can glimpse God ahead of us on the path. And, when that vision of God is of a playful God, hiding around the corner, ready to jump out and say "Gotcha!" it's time to abandon fear and pitch in with grace and humour. That playful God birls me around until I give in and, with a smile on my face and laughter in my heart, I embrace those tasks of leadership to which I am called.

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Beth said...

Picture me hands clapping! Yay you! Love the title, love the reflection, love the journey, love the image of God playfully hiding, love you as leader! Okay, enough loving - maybe your temerity is born of the necessary humility that has witnessed power's abuses and hopes & prays to avoid the same? Keep leading, we'll keep following.

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