Friday, 4 November 2011

Revgals nostalgia

This week, I've been looking back to the birth of this blog, at the kind of things I was posting 4 years ago, the discovery of revgalblogpals and the subsequent involvement with that supportive, online community. Tonight I shared that story with a group of church office bearers as an illustration of my journey as a woman in ministry. It has been a wonderful roller coaster of laughter and tears, joy and sorrow, isolation and embracing, fulfillment and frustration.
Above all, it has been a journey of discovery and of community. It has been good to look back this week and recognise growth and movement and, above all, experience a sense of loving and being loved. I look forward to further adventures on this voyage into the unknown, upheld by the love of God and the support of good friends - virtual and real.


Songbird said...

So glad you are part of the RevGals' community.

Cherie said...

I'm glad we found each other here in virtual-land, too. How good that you can look back and see growth and movement. God is GOOD.


liz said...

Me too, Giving thanks for sisters in this community. xxx

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