Monday, 21 November 2011

Out of season

Perhaps a bit late in the season
these blackberries appear
some green, some just reddening
some ripe, ready to be picked
but it's almost Advent
and we're moving on
Instead of filling jam jars
or scrumptious pies
these berries will feed birds
or simply die on the tree
their season has come and gone.
And as we await with anticipation
the one who comes into the world
new born and full of hope
we are painfully reminded
that this promise of life
was out of season too
never allowed to ripen
but also left
to die on the tree
Such are the vagaries
of (human) nature.
Liz Crumlish November 2011

1 comment:

David Denniston said...

As always, good and thoughtful stuff Liz. Inspiring!

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