Saturday, 3 September 2011

Communion for a community on the move

God calls us forward
on a journey
a journey whose destination is unknown
a journey that carries no earthly promise of reward
God calls us
whatever stage of life we are at
whatever state of faith we have
Here is food to sustain us on the journey
so, come to this banquet
in response to God’s call
And let us feast
at the table of God where ALL are welcome.

Prayer of thanksgiving and consecration
Take off your shoes, you are on holy ground
put on your sandals, it’s time to move
God, at different times, in different places,
what you require of us changes
but, wherever we are, whatever awaits us,
you provide us with what we need.
You equip us to respond
and sustain us as we journey,
Today we hear your call to us
to be a community on the move
to shake off our comfort and complacency
to follow you.
To follow you into the unknown
and to embark on a journey
that offers no assurances
and no security
but calls us to trust in you
to lead us forward.
As we gather here in community
sharing bread and wine
in memory of Christ
who left all that he knew
to become one of us
may we be inspired to follow his example.
You led the Israelites on a journey of a lifetime.
May we be excited about the journey you’re taking us on.
And may we know
that the food you supply
Christ’s body broken for us
Christ’s blood poured out for us
is sufficient to sustain us wherever you lead us.
May your spirit be present in this communion
and in our hearts as we share together.

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