Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Take time to play

What struck me about this photo - apart from the obvious danger of planking on a railway line - albeit one used only by steam engines- was the fact that it's the adults who are playing while the children look on in bemusement. Adults don't often take time out to play. Responsibility and the pressures of time weigh us down and keep us from many things that might bring some relief and some balance into our lives.
Ask yourself: When was the last time you played?
How could you create time and space for a healthy balance of work and play in your life?
Then go do it.


Beth said...

Just watched the movie 'Stand by Me' again with the family and the railroad track scene reminds me of our planking adventure - still makes me smile - I'm with you - working on giving myself permission to play even when the kids aren't here.

Peter said...

Having spent a few hours playing with Lego yesterday, I absolutely, wholeheartedly agree. Would it be sacrilege on a Sunday morning to start with:

We come to worship God
by playing for his glory!
Everybody... Twister!

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