Monday, 26 July 2010

New ambition

Today, along with a wonderful, wacky friend, I took another step towards fulfilling an ambition to work my way around all the eating places in Princes Square. Should get there by Christmas although at the prices some of those places are charging for afternoon tea, we may have to save for a while.
Glasgow is such an entertaining place to be. Where else can you find a Croatian accordion player and an Asian flame thrower side by side - just two of the sights for amusement today. On the way in on the train, I got into a very deep and serious conversation with a former total stranger about the comparative merits of the Amazon Kindle and the iPad. Before arrival in Glasgow, my new best friend was confiding her addictions - to books and music - and we discovered that it is highly likely that I bought some of the books that she recently offloaded on ebay. And, I also ran into one of my favourite regular contributors to the comments on this blog in Starbucks. All in all, an exceedingly good day that could only happen in the West!


Dot said...

not sure about the wonderful wacky friend!!! but isn't it good to be sharing such a challenging will really tax all our senses! Dx

liz said...

You mean you don't instantly recognise that description? We really need to get more serious about our ambition. Set some deadlines etc.

crabbit besom said...

Yep - a good day, begun with good coffee and chocolate muffins and loads of chat! Good to see you!

liz said...

And you. What a God -incidence!

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