Sunday, 23 May 2010

Receiving the Spirit

Was reminded in preparing to celebrate Pentecost this week, that what is important today is not so much God giving the Spirit- that Spirit was always there - brooding on the waters. But, more important is our receiving the Holy spirit and allowing her to wreak havoc in our lives and in our worship. She certainly caused chaos in worship this morning as we placed all the elements of the service in balloons and, by bursting the balloons, allowed the Spirit to determine our order. Fun and revealing. There were lots of visitors present and, at one point I thought: I hope they won't think it's this chaotic every week - before catching myself and realising that that's exactly what we are inviting by receiving the Spirit - our carefully ordered offering turned on its head. Come, Holy Spirit, come.


Anonymous said...

"Fire on yi!" - Benny Hinn

Tom said...

What a fantastic service. Truly representative of how the Spirit can turn our lives completely upside down if we are only open to receiving it into our busy lives. Yesterday was a wonderful chaotic experience here's hoping for more unpredictability in future services.

Dot said...

Liz, sounds amazing, and sounds like the Spirit came wreaking havoc and was welcomed with open arms in Ayr. Here's to more Spiritual chaos! Dotx

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