Friday, 14 May 2010

Prescribing faith

I've spent a couple of sessions this week leading folk through discussions on the issue of same sex relationships and church leadership. There are always folk who would wish the Church of Scotland to be more prescriptive - dictating how we should interpret Scripture and how that interpretation affects church leadership.
Thankfully, that is not a common trait in the Church of Scotland and that is why I am a member. I value belonging to a broad church and, above all, it is that broadness that I would want to maintain. A place where all are welcome, where there is tolerance and acceptance and where, together, we can continue to work out faith in the living God and how that affects our everyday. That, I believe, is grace.


Freda said...

It is my hope and prayer that we all come to realise again the value of being part of a broad church. Acceptance, welcome and being alongside people at all points in their journey is, for me, an essential part of love. Every Blessing in your discussions.

Dot said...

Amen, to that!

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