Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Fence sitting

Why is it, as Christians, we often hold back from saying what we really think? Instead of telling it like it is, we hold back. We don't want to hurt folks' feelings. And so those with no such scruples wound without being called to account.
I've often heard the phrase: "speaking the truth in love" being used to justify caustic outbursts but perhaps there is a need for more truth to be uttered by those on the receiving end so that patterns are not repeated and bad behaviour does not go unchallenged. Jesus called a spade a shovel and was not loved by all. Why is our need to be universally loved the stumbling block that keeps us from speaking up - for ourselves and for others. Grab your hard hats. This just might become a plain speaking blog!

1 comment:

Freda said...

When I worked in a parish I used to come home sometimes and think - "I'm tired of being nice". Now I, like you, kind of wonder if being nice is a negative rather than a positive. At least some of the time! Nice to find your blog,

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