Sunday, 27 January 2008

Waiting for the gap

I want to go and sit at the foot of one of these trees. Feel its coolness, hear its sap flowing. I want to feel the support of the tree on my back and hear the wind whisper through its foliage.
I want the tree to hide me from the world and shelter me, just for a wee while.
I guess I'm craving space, difficult to catch at this busy time of year. These past few weeks I've been very involved caring for folk bereaved - its that time of year. I've also been involved in loads of fun stuff - but all work nonetheless. Sometimes I just need to escape the intensity that caring brings. but, until a gap appears (or until I can create one), I'll have to settle for a glass of something and some chocolate. Sunday nights are good!


Cherie said...

If you were sitting there, at the foot of one of those mighty trees, you might hearing a quiet sobbing only to find that lo and behold, on the other side, would be me.

I hope spiritual refreshment finds you soon, you gracious, loving woman.

(In the meantime, here's to something to drink and chocolate!)

liz said...

Cherie - then perhaps we might console each other. Go gently sister.

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