Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Too accessible?

I like the little nook this guy has found himself. Tucked in out of the way, taking time out to consider his next move.
There are days when we all need to find those little nooks and crannies - and in an ideal world we would create that sort of space for ourselves every day.
When I do indulge my need to hide out, I just wind up feeling guilty that I've not been there for folk.
I was looking for something for a youth service this morning and I considered getting the young folks involved in a noisy version of the gospel story of Jesus calming the storm. As I read the passage though, I couldn't help but tune into the fact that, just when Jesus tried to get his head down, a storm erupted around him . Often, when reading Scripture I find myself stuck on certain phrases, ones that I need to hear and take account of. I can certainly empathise with Jesus - the words "what now?" spoken belligerently, appeal to me in that situation. An all too familiar feeling.
The truth is, the storms will always be there. We can't avoid them. But we cannot deal with them effectively unless we create some space in which to find the energy. There are times when that simply means becoming less accessible.
OK, I can preach it. But can I practise it?

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Frederick Buechner's Lovechild said...

"A small lifting of the heart suffices, a small remembrance of God, a movement of the heart's worship, though in haste and with sword in hand, are prayers which, brief though they may be, are yet most pleasing to God"

Brother Lawrence.

More and more I realise that in these turnings and turnings again we have the heartbeat of the spiritual life.



Ps - Thanks for reading and posting, Liz. I feel less like a voice calling in the wilderness when someone calls back to me!

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