Friday, 18 January 2008

Spreading the word

Typical teenage pose - mobile phone glued to the ear, keeping in touch, even miles from anywhere. Thank goodness for mobile phone networks.
I've often joked about my "pub evangelism" but, being accessible and hanging out where communities are is a vital part of spreading the word - another form of networking.
Communication is a huge thing in our busy fast paced lives. It can be a nightmare when it breaks down. When folk don't talk to each other. When folk make assumptions. When folk make decisions on behalf of others without any real thought or consultation. Most communication failures I like to think are caused by just a little carelessness or even thoughtlessness. But, sometimes they are the result of arrogance. Folk thinking that they know best or that they have the monopoly on decision making. Or that their network is the only one that matters. Because life is so busy, because things move so fast, its important to establish networks, to open up communication, to involve people and let them know that they matter. That way, when mistakes do occur, when life gets difficult, there's room for manouvre, there's space for forgiveness and there's no real harm done. Its good to talk!

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Tony said...

There's no doubt that mobiles are going to grow in influence. We've done a page on
mobile device evangelism - comments on it welcome!



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