Tuesday, 8 January 2008

After the storm...

The morning after the storm, the sun rose gently, lazily spreading its tendrils bringing light and colour wherever it touched. Such a contrast to the day - and night- before. Hard to believe that just a few hours had passed and the scene was one of amazing transformation. One of life's mysteries and beauties - change is possible and is often just around the corner, waiting for us to catch on and catch up.
But what about the damage caused by the turmoil?
It too, it too can be transformed.
Healing and restoration await those who dare to keep on hoping.


Frederick Buechner's Lovechild said...

You comment about the damage caused by the turmoil reminded me of Renfield St Stephen's church in Glasogw. It's spire was blown down by the wind in 1998, I think it was. When they were reconstructing they deliberately left some of the scarring to the internal stonework visible. David Lunan, who was minister then, said that they'd decided to leave it there to remind us that our scars are part of who we are.

It's also intrigued me why the risen Christ should still have scars in his hands. Is it just co-incidence that he shows the disciples his hands and feet, and then says "as the Father has sent me, so I am sending you"?

Envying you your extended stay in Tiree!

Blessings - FBL

liz said...

FBL, thanks. It was a great break. Lots of time and space to reflect on those "wounds" and maybe a bit of making friends with them. Your comments are always insightful.

Cherie said...

Beautiful photo, Liz. Just gorgeous. And your insights, quite refreshing. Thanks. I need them all.

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