Sunday, 23 December 2007

Mary, Did you know?

Today we lit the fourth candle on our advent wreath - the pink one in honour of the virgin Mary.
A reading that has spoken to me this advent is called Theotokos - Broken Dreams, by Anne Lawson.
Here is part of it:
Mary, did you say ‘yes’ to God’s angel so quickly?
Did you offer yourself to God so fast?
Was there no feeling of wanting to think?
No sense of anger, injustice even,
that God could take your body and life so easily?
Did you really understand all that was being said?
All that was being asked?
And would I have been so willing?
Sometimes it seems that God asks too much of us and its difficult to get a real perspective without minimising the cost of service. However I don't believe that obedience demands ignoring real feelings. We can own our frustration and acknowledge real loss, even of ideals and, yet with heavy hearts, still go on and say yes to God's big ask.

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