Tuesday, 13 November 2007

What's so amazing...

Finished a 10 week course tonight looking at Philip Yancey's What's so amazing about grace? This book made an impact on me some years ago and its been great to study it along with other folk. There was much lively discussion and the local coffee shop, Cafe Melo was a great place to host the book club. The extravagance of grace is amazing. If only we could practice it more what a different place our world would be.

Planning a break from the book club for now, perhaps returning in the new year with Living the Questions. What will we do with Tuesday nights until then?


Cherie said...

I envy you your study - and of this material. Glad it was inspiring!

Frederick Buechner's Lovechild said...

Hi Liz,

We're doing John Ortberg's "God is Closer Than You Think" which is a good read, though the study guide's a bit heavy for us.

Know what you mean about Advent. Last year we were expecting baby#3 and I worked extra hard to get everything done and dusted by the end of November. It made for a much more enjoyable Advent and Christmas. Mind you - two weeks paternity did help!

I guess you're familiar with Cloth for the Cradle by the Wild Geese? Lots of good Advent material there. Alternativity's "Changing Stables" also has some great resources.

We use Roots worship material here and there's a good back catalogue of resources on the net you can access once you've got the codes from the magazine.

All the best for now


liz said...

Cherie, It was a good way to engage in bible study without putting folk off coming by calling it a bible study group!

fbl - We didn't use the study guide - I made up simpler sheets for each week. We were also very limited in time.
Thanks for ideas for advent.
We're looking for new worship material right now - for all age - so I'll investigate thta. cheers

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