Monday, 19 November 2007

Bubbling around

Some jokers recently added bubbles to a fountain nearby. It looked great. Unfortunately the local council have now switched it off and are cleaning it out. Hopefully, once it gets going again, the jokers will come back. Shoppers were being stopped in their tracks by colourful bubbles floating around.
At our all saints service this year, we blew bubbles to remind us of the ancient tradition of using incense to symbolise prayers floating heavenward. It was intriguing to think of our colourful orbs joining the prayers of countless saints through the ages.
Thanks to Jeremy of Inverclyde Now for letting me use his picture. I was too busy enjoying the bubbles to get my camera.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately some of the same bubble merchants vandalised the nearby lights, which required the "council" i.e. YOU to organise the power to be isolated. Few things appear as they realy are, but bubbles are always good.


Mike Peatman said...

Bubbles look fun, shame about the damage.

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