Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Amidst the ruins

Amidst the ruins of the old nunnery in Iona, there is a colourful array of flowers.
Glimpses of glory.
Those colours are present in all of life but so often we just can't see them.
Our lack of sight doesn't mean they aren't there.
So on the days we can't see, what should we do?
Perhaps all we can do is try to reassure ourselves that the flowers are there, that their colour is just as vibrant but that, for a time, they are veiled by the clouds and that it only needs a breeze to shift those clouds so that we can glimpse the glory again.
Come, Holy Spirit, Come.


Anonymous said...

Hip, the Sun shines even when we keep the curtains drawn, and just as well.


Mike Peatman said...

I loved that ruin, yet a lot of people just walk past it on the way to the Abbey.

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