Thursday, 1 November 2007

All the saints

This pet cemetery I encountered recently at Ormidale House reminded me of that Vicar of Dibley episode where there was a pet blessing service in church - hilarious. Its good when folk remember faithful friends, of whatever hue.
In the church today, we celebrate all the saints. In my younger days, that was always eclipsed by the scary nonsense of halloween and I could never really understand all saints.
Today, however, it brings me almost as much excitement as Halloween, because its a good excuse to bring all those catholic elements into presbyterian worship, lighting candles, praying for souls and, tonight we will be offering bubble prayers - a modern version of using incense to float our prayers heavenward. Its obviously a sign of getting older but I love to think of being surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses - all those who have travelled faith's road before us -and to be comforted by their presence. One of these days we'll have the pets in for a service too, but maybe tonight, we will celebrate their souls!


Anonymous said...

I agree, those catholic elements always have been there,even today.Look at our own liturgy! Did we not originate from the Catholic Church? Luther did see and challenge the authority of Rome but not of Christ.Reform was all he asked for not total separation.Who's shoulders did he stand on? Scripture does however set the record straight.The mother church of Presbyterianism welcomes candles to be lit in the side chapels.The diversity of our church is so wide it is fantastic.We are indeed one Holy Catholic Church.Praise be to God.

Anonymous said...

I only asked for fork handles ,not for candles!!!
Only kiddin P.B.C.

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