Sunday, 30 September 2007

Through a glass darkly

This mirror, at the bottom of a hill near Montmartre just invites folk to photograph themselves. Is what we see in the image a true reflection? Or are there things hidden and misunderstood?
In hiddenness there is at least hope. Hope that all is not revealed. Hope that there are better things to come. Hope that, in the present, doesn't provide a lot of comfort but that at least offers a glimmer of light in the darkness that seems to stretch into infinity. What we see and what we know simply isn't enough. There has to be some recompense for pain and for suffering, some lightening of the load that many have to bear.
But the revelation will have to be pretty spectacular to make the present justifiable. Those who cry in anguish now will need some hefty inducement to balance the scales. Sometimes the promise for the future seems just too obscure to make a difference to the hellishness of the present. So we can't see the whole picture but will that whole picture ever be enough?


a feckless boy said...

Liz, just looking at the photo here and wondering....were you around trinity say 1996 -2001 ish?

liz said...

Paul, I graduated from Trinity in 1993. Ordained 1995. I think that lets me off the hook?

a feckless boy said...

yup..i think it does.

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