Monday, 24 September 2007

Where beauty exists... enjoy

There's supposed to be a path round the back of our house. But the ground keeps slipping and encroaching. It looks very green just now but through the summer it was, firstly purple, with beautiful irises and then orange with montbretia. Beautiful - but not the path its supposed to be.

How many attractive things turn up in the wrong place? Does it mean they can't be appreciated just because they're out of context? Inconvenience makes beauty all the more poignant. Life's too short and too fraught for us not to appreciate beauty wherever it shows itself.

We need to address the path situation at some point but, for now, we will enjoy the wild.

1 comment:

a feckless boy said...

"lifes too short and fraught not to appreciate beauty", is spot on. I was thinking that today. We were at the museum of transport and looking around I just wanted to say to everyone -hey, everbody, we are alive! haven't noticed!" too short and too fraught - the beauty is there to be wondered at.


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