Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Technology and the feminine

I have no sense of direction. You may have gathered that from the random meanderings of this blog. So, for me, sat nav is a wonderful blessing. Even when I have been places before, I use my trusty Darth Vadar voiced TomTom to guide me. Except, this morning, Darth Vadar expired. Having programmed him last night, all looked well for a stress free visit this morning. But, sometime during the night, my friend decided to power down and was not for reviving. A forty minute journey thus took me one hour as I drove around in circles.

I suddenly realised how utterly reliant I had become on this disembodied voice. Well, he did guide me all round the Netherlands in the summer!

Perhaps a salutory warning that, often, we become dependant on things not worthy of our trust. To be so reliant discourages us from trusting ourselves and discovering the depths within ourselves and the rich resources gifted to each of us.

A proper preacher would sum up this post by pointing out that God is the only one we can truly rely on but, at the risk of being zapped, I have to point out that the Creator was also curiously silent this morning when I was asking for road directions! That leads me to conclude that God is therefore a woman.


Rachey_pie said...

"That leads me to conclude that God is therefore a woman."

Your posts really do make me chuckle when i need a good larf!

Rachael xx

liz said...

Cheers, Rache - makes perfect sense to me!

a feckless boy said...

preach it sisters....!

Rachey_pie said...

My Friend Jenn, you've met her b4,just got a new tomtom...but its called Jane.

She can take Jane out for walks and everything...cant wait till i can get a

Rachael xx

Frederick Buechner's Lovechild said...

Wouldn't it be good if you could prgramme your sat nav with whatever voice you wanted. The soothing tones of Alec Guinness, or, for that Formula One experience, Murray Walker....


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