Monday, 17 September 2007

Sound bytes

I finally got around to watching Amazing Grace, the story of William Wilberforce's anti-slavery campaign. A good DVD always makes short work of the mountain of ironing. I was really impressed by the film. I'm not up on history so I wouldn't have a clue how accurate it is and I have heard some criticism on that front. But it was a really good, inspiring story. Apart from Ioann Gruffudd being good eye candy, there were also some good sound bytes in the movie. Like when Wilberforce was asked: "So you've found God?" To which he replied: "No, God has found me - and its pretty inconvenient". This resonated with yesterday's gospel reading about the lost sheep. God comes and roots us out. I was also struck by the quandary he felt about having to choose between becoming a preacher or a political activist. For me, and I know for many others, they go hand in hand. The gospel imperative does not allow us to neglect either course. I'd love to use this film in a church movie night and just let it speak for itself. Maybe I'll get round to that soon too.


Rachey_Pie said...

church movie night!

you totally stole my idea!! HeHe!

Me, Maureen and Nat went to Ronnie's hoose to plan Mettle the other day and somebody mentioned fundraising and i went home and made a list of like 30 ideas. Was so much fun. Even got my non-believer friend involvedd and she's willing to help, lol.

Anywayz, a movie night was one of my ideas but i thought that it would be kool to record our own interpretation of a film or even an episode of friends... I had so many ideas.

Another idea was come to Church in your PJ's. We did a "Come To School In Your PJ's" fundraiser at high school, when i was in 6th year, and everyone really got into it. The Headteacher wore her PJ's and everyone in the school basically wandered about like that the whole day.

What do you think??

I have more ideas that would take too long to write down....maybe i'll do a blog so others can look.

Rachael xx

liz said...

OK Rache, I'll get some new PJs - the ones I have would set too many pulses racing!:)

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