Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Nocturnal activities (2)

The premises we occupied at the weekend, primarily an indoor Guide camp facility is fairly new, only completed in the last few years and had lots of modern touches including a state of the art fire detection system linked to the local station. So, when the fire alarm roused us from our slumbers at 3am we managed to evacuate the building super quickly and had to wait patiently for the Brigade to arrive. I've always imagined the sight of 6 burly firemen, (there were no women in this crew), to be the stuff of dreams. But somehow, dressed in jammies, trying to reassure scared youngsters, there was little glamour around. And the boys, after checking out the building and declaring it safe, wouldn't even wait for hot chocolate. Maybe reality doesn't always match up to our dreams but that should never stop us dreaming.

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