Monday, 3 September 2007

Nocturnal activities (1)

Spent the weekend camping with Guides and Brownies. Our venue was Netherurd, a place I haven't visited for about 20 years. I was interested to see how much it had changed but somehow, feeding around 60 folk, even with loads of help, meant that there was little time to explore. One of our nocturnal outings involved sailing paper boats lit with candles down the burn - what a lovely sight and it certainly provoked an excited response from the youngsters involved. I was glad I wasn't the one having to wade into the burn to collect the spent boats at the end.
Isn't that typical of much of life? We enjoy the colour and excitement but not so much the picking up the left over pieces.
I had hoped to return to the burn the next day to check it out in the day light but the opportunity didn't arise. Maybe its no bad thing though to simply think of it as a place charged with excitement and lit with enthusiasm and togetherness. And it means I just have to return soon.

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