Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Waving goodbye and hello to what?

Tony Blair has finally gone. Roll on 2008 when Dubya goes too. Maybe then we will have peace seeking world leaders. But even as I think it, I'm aware of my idealism and, even more concerning, the pronouncements from Britain's new PM, Gordon Brown are not encouraging so far. A Scot trying to prove himself wholly British, selling his Scottish Presbyterian soul for acceptance in middle England, saying yes to Trident and no to nuclear disarmament. Very early days but the signs are not good.


Ronnie said...

Bye jings, wumin, yea can be right cynical. Is this what happens when Christians get power??? Tony Blair; George Dubya; Gordon Brown? Most folk seem more worried that GB isn't a song and dance man.


Yeah, give the guy a chance! :-)

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