Friday, 22 June 2007

Turning the tables

Tonight I was out again - at another celebration and recognition of achievements. This "slip of a girl" is Carrie Gibson who conquered Everest last month, the 5th Scottish woman to hold that distinction. Carrie is a leader in our local Scout group so its been wonderful celebrating with her in lots of different ways since she returned from Nepal.
Tonight, at the opening of a Scout centenary exhibition she was presented with a silver acorn, a prestigious Scouting award.
However, I was surprised and delighted to be presented, at the same ceremony, with a Scouts thanks badge, thanking me for the district services of celebration I have helped to put together. I shall wear it with pride.


Cherie said...

Chills to think that that "slip of a girl" conquered Everest recently. Hooray for her! What courage and strength. It's something that will no doubt change her life - how could it not, to know she has done such a rare, hard thing.

And YOU, Liz, I KNOW you deserved every bit of the thanks badge. Happy to know you are wearing it with pride!. Well done!


Wel done, Carrie. Magnificent achievement. And well done you. It may not be quite scaling the heights of Everest but shows the importance of chaplaincy work.

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