Friday, 8 June 2007

Something for the weekend

Discovered a good website specialising in T shirt designs - Their products are fun, competitively priced and good quality. And they are a really nice bunch of folks to deal with.
Inspired by a friend, I ordered a couple of T shirts that say: Grow your own dope - plant a man.
My beloved just rolls his eyes every time I wear it.
Men are wonderful. I couldn't live without them. But even the best trained and most domesticated clearly come from a different planet to us girls.
We can either moan our heads off about that or accept the differences and love them anyway!
I choose the path of love.


Cherie said...

We've had a houseguest staying here in our computer room, so I haven't been on here most of this week. I've missed so much! What fun to read all of your recent posts. Refreshing. You never disappoint. Glad your retreat was good, and that you came away with new insights. Hooray!

Thanks, Liz. I may have to get one of the pot/man shirts. I imagine my daughters will each want one as well - how we love our men!

liz said...

I wondered where you'd gotten to. If you go for the T shirts, you must publish a pic of the three girls in your home wearing them!

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