Friday, 15 June 2007

Scrubbing up

Another perk of school chaplaincy is to celebrate the end of term. This year its the end of an era with the high school I work in being merged with another. Thursday night saw an outstanding music concert and tonight saw the S6 prom. Boys and girls looked stunning and were having a ball.
This is the first group I've journeyed with right through their high school days. Its almost overwhelming to see the emergence of young adults about to embark on college and career paths. Confident, gifted individuals sharing special times together before they all go their separate ways. An exciting and emotional time. And such a privelege to share on the periphery of that. World look out - there's talent on its way.


Cherie said...

It's amazing to see them all decked out in their finery, especially when you've known them so long, isn't it. Quite a milestone. Congrats to them all!


Hey, just wait till you are conducting the weddings of those you baptised as infants!!

Natalie said...

Hey! Yes what a fantabulous night it was! I'm so glad we have had THE coolest minister to lead us through our six years at GHS! We are the best year yet!!haha!Where are all the pics?:Px

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