Monday, 4 June 2007


Just back from a superb retreat in Cathedral town of Dunblane. Enjoyed chilling with friends. Even though I was responsible for organisation and for programme I was fairly laid back over the weekend. I think I'm finally learning that other folks' enjoyment is not my responsibility. What people give and receive on these activities isn't down to me. As with so much else in life it is about presenting challenges and opportunities and allowing folks to make of them what they will.
Dunblane is a beautiful place to be with refreshing river walks and the impressive spectre of the cathedral looming over the town.
Just one problem though. Last time I was there we spent a fair bit of time in a hostelry called The Chimes. I though this would be a good navigation aid when directing my friends how to find Scottish Churches House. But nothing is sacred and The Chimes is now The Tappit Hen! So much for good spiritual direction.



I didn't want to enlighten you in advance about the 'demise' of 'The Chimes' and the rise of 'The Tappit Hen.' There are some things it is best to discover by yourself. After all, isn't that what retreats are for? :-)

liz said...

Iain, I'm sure it is. But exploration of the Tappit Hen will require another visit, I'm afraid. Oh dear, what a chore.

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